23 January 2024

Glenn Wool - The Tardigrades picnic

Comedy superstar Glenn Wool is back in Brussels to raise the roof for the begining of 2024.

Glenn Wool - The Tardigrades Picnic

This is Glenn’s 25th solo show. He’s played every comedy festival, been on every TV channel and made people laugh professionally for over 30 years. When he’s performing, he’s not trying to make you sad. You will laugh, he’s very good at this. If that’s the kind of thing that sounds appealing to you, then pre-book your ticket now to avoid disappointment. If that seems like too big of risk, then that’s cool too. There’s a PWYW option but… it’s not a very big room and he’s awesome. It’ll sell out with or without you.

“Effortlessly funny with an affability that other comics can only dream of – You have to go and see Glenn Wool. ” The Guardian</p>

“Edgy, imaginative, funny and original” ***** Daily Telegraph

“Why aren’t you in a queue somewhere buying a ticket?” ***** The Scotsman

“Seeing Glenn Wool perform should be made compulsory for the melancholy. There’s no way you won’t feel a bit better about the world afterwards. Lethally funny” **Metro

“Absolutely hilarious” Independent</p> ___

Special guest :

Mike Capozzola

Mike Capozzola is a New York-raised, London-based stand up comic. He’s performed in most of the USA as well as the UK, Europe and the Middle East and has appeared many times at San Francisco SketchFest as well as the New York Comedy Festival, MCM London Comic Con and Dublin Comic Con

Mike Played an MiB Agent in “Men in Black International” </p>

Other TV & Film appearances include: “The Batman”, “The Phantom of the Open”, “Locked Up Abroad” and Amazon Prime’s “Citadel“.

“Mike Capozzola is a brilliant comedian with a dry sense of humor — we always enjoy having him at the festival” -San Francisco SketchFest</p>

Doors open at 7 PM
Show starts at 8 PM

Glenn Wool - The Tardigrades picnic

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