6 September 2016

English Comedy Night w/ Chris Kent & Leo Kearse

After our summer break, we’re very happy and thrilled to welcome to Brussels, and for the first time, and incredible Irish comedian, Mr Chris Kent!

Chris Kent

In 2013 Chris Kent was voted as one of the Top Five Irish Comedians by Hot Press Magazine, following on from being listed as “One to watch” in The Dubliner magazine’s ‘Red Hot and Rising’ for 2012.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Bill Burr, Dylan Moran, David O’ Doherty, PJ Gallagher and Neil Delamare, Chris himself is en route to becoming a household name.
Hailing from ‘The Rebel County’ (That’s Cork for anyone outside Ireland!), Chris gave up the day job as an electrician, to pursue his calling to the stage.

‘The young Cork man is a gifted storyteller of yarns, centered on misunderstandings, frequently with himself as the butt of the joke. His seemingly nondescript tales are garnished with rich, surprising details, delivered with an endearingly straight face. The raw, rough edges of his slow, deliberate delivery make it feel like you’re listening to the hapless, slightly touched one in your group of mates.’ Jay Richardson

‘Compelling storyteller, truly surprising, beautifully delivered’ - The Scotsman
‘Breathes new life into anecdotal comedy’ - The List
‘Impressive’ - The Irish Times
‘Carefree, comedic bulls-eye’ - The Dubliner Magazine
‘A comedy natural’ - Beyond The Joke
‘Massive potential and already frighteningly accomplished’ - The British Comedy Guide

Also on this first show of the season: Mr Leo Kearse!

Leo Kearse

Leo Kearse is also known as ‘Pun Man’ and is the current undefeated all-weight UK Pun Champion). Pun-Man performs on the cabaret circuit, corporates and family friendly gigs as well as at comedy clubs.
He also makes short films with Tony Marrese, including a Star Wars spoof video that’s had half a million views, and a stand up on the tube stunt that got them in the Mail and Metro and was shared on ladbible. I was in adverts for Dulcolax (with Darius Davies) and Whiskas.

English Comedy Night w/ Chris Kent & Leo Kearse

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