21 February 2017

English Comedy Night w/ Phil Nichol & Riku Suokas

Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer. An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician, there is no end to his talent!

Phil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work. His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalleled. With a surreal edge to his mischievous rantings, Nichol always brings something new to the stage. His keen sense of fun and eye for the shocking and absurd has cemented his position as one of the best comedians on the circuit today. Phil’s assured and award winning performances in his theatrical work have attracted critical accolades and see him in great demand as an actor.

Riku Suokas

Riku is one of the most experienced comedians in Finland and he´s been doing stand-up comedy for over two decades. He’s delighted to make his Belgium debut in February. In his act he talks about himself, his mid-life crisis, failed relationships, not exercising enough and how not to face every-day obstacles. Basically his whole act is one big self help book waiting to be written. Outside of Finland, Riku has performed in Los Angeles, London and Dublin.

“The best thing about the show is that when you walk out of it to a cold February evening in Tampere, life feels absurdly joyful in spite of the darkness and the cold. After the show every conversation that evening sounds as if it was a pre-written joke.” — Aamulehti Newspaper, 2nd of Feb, 2014

“I don’t find him funny at all.” — Riku’s ex wife circa 2006

English Comedy Night w/ Phil Nichol & Riku Suokas

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