9 February 2016

Paul Taylor - Franglais (video "La Bise", 1.9 Million views in one week)

1.4 Million views on YouTube and more than 500 K on Dailymotion in just a few days for his video “La bise”

Paul Taylor

will perform for the first time in Brussels on Tuesday the 9th of February. Stand-up comedy 50% in French et 50% en anglais.

How many kisses do you have do when saying hello? Pourquoi y-a-t’il 15 jours dans 2 semaines? Why are French anglicisms not real English words? Ce sont des questions que Paul Taylor se pose tous les jours. Paul is a bilingual Brit confused about his identity. Il parle français comme un Froggy mais il pense comme un Rosbif. This is why, in 2015, he quit his job at Apple to take to the stage and find some answers.

Manu Moreau (Support act)

Manu Moreau, Is he a bird, is he a plane? Well, if he’s up that high, he must be insane! From a small township to the big city, he’s been there, done that and sold the t-shirt. His first steps in comedy weren’t so long ago, but every step since has been closely monitored for your safety. His comedy works similar to cocaine: one line after the other, very addictive…

Paul Taylor - Franglais (video "La Bise", 1.9 Million views in one week)

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