22 January 2020


Phil Nichol is finally back in Brussels, this time with his new show Too Much


The planet is messed up, society has devolved, mankind is hopeless, vegans are right, you can’t punch a facist, the left are self-righteous morons, everyone is a selfish prick, I’m a bleeding hypocrite. It’s all too much. Too much.


Ask yourself this, what kind of person ends up


-Naked on The Weakest Link?

-Taking two 75 year olds to Glastonbury?

-Arrested for quoting Derek and Clive on a Virgin Train?

-High on Ecstasy in the back of a police car in Lancaster?

-Surviving a Rocket attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan?

-With his nose broken by a Royal Marine in Thailand?

-Listening to his 90 year old mom tell him how madly in love with his father she is?


Phil Nichol. That’s who.


Following on from the success of his internationally acclaimed hit show Your Wrong, Too Much takes an unflinching look at aging, recognition, mental health, values, norms, patience, everything and conkers. Expect riotously uncomfortable anecdotes and oversharing delivered in Nichol's unique live-wire style.


'Fabulous, life-affirming' **** (Evening Standard)

'Mind-blowing' ***** (Scotland on Sunday)

'Masterful' ***** (Herald)


As a very special guest for this show, we are delighted to have our favorite dutchman back as well, Edo Berger.

Edo hails from Amsterdam. Edo eats everything and loves children. His favourite primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Edo Berger won several Dutch comedy festivals before expanding to performing in English. He also does a weekly musical radio column and made a documentary about the comedian’s love for anecdotes about horrible comedy gigs, called Dictator of Comedy.



Doors open at 7 pm
Online tickets : 20€
On the door : 25€

For catering we team up with restaurant/tapas bar Les Pénates, just across the street from Marni Theatre. You can book your table here info@lespenates.be / 02 850 82 77 and mention you go to the comedy show at Marni, so that the waiters will know you have to be served before a certain time. Book early as this place is very popular and in high demand.


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