2 December 2014

A very special pre-Christmas show!

Join us on Tuesday December the 2nd for a very special pre-Christmas show !

As a special treat, we have two of your favorite comedians back in Brussels.

You loved him the previous times and you asked for him to be back, well there it is !! Christian Shulte-Loh, german non sense exists thanks to him ! One of the funniest guys around, living in London and very successful on the UK circuit.

And with him, another storm of comedy, from Australia this time, the amazing Damian Clark, and those who have seen him in February know for sure what I’m talking about :-)

Just the two of them for an extended set offering you the ‘crème de la crème’.

Doors open around 6 PM so you can enjoy some of the delicious drinks and food at The Black Sheep!, and show begins at 8 PM.

A very special pre-Christmas show!

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